Amsted Graphite Materials Receives $8 Million Grant from US Department of Defense for Advancing Graphite Material Science in Military Applications

Anmoore, West Virginia – Amsted Graphite Materials, a leader in graphite material manufacturing with over 100 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry, has been selected to receive an $8 million grant from the US Department of Defense as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. The Congress-approved research and development grant will support the company’s conversion of carbonaceous precursors into advanced graphite for military use.

As a specialized producer and supplier of high-performance graphite materials, Amsted Graphite Materials plays a pivotal role in numerous vital applications, including electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries, rocket and missile components, green energy storage systems, nuclear power reactors, essential parts to produce critical minerals and semiconductors, and molding materials necessary to the railroad industry.

“Amsted Graphite Materials is the largest domestically owned synthetic graphite producer that has the capability of meeting critical military needs,” said Gavin Noel, Vice President and General Manager of Amsted Graphite Materials. “We are grateful to the members of Congress and the Department of Defense who recognize our role in maintaining the nation’s security and supply chains.”

Crucial to Amsted Graphite Materials’ success in these areas is its vast experience and technology converting carbonaceous precursors to graphite using specialized graphitization processes. Amsted Graphite Materials’ expertise and capability in producing synthetic graphite have positioned the domestic company as a strategic asset for the US Department of Defense, meeting critical military needs and contributing to national security. The $8 million research and development grant will allow Amsted Graphite Materials to further enhance its products and processes, and bolster its contributions to the defense sector.