What is Isomolded Graphite?

Coming in 2021 for Amsted Graphite Materials, CGW and ATJ materials for the isomolded market. Industry standard materials for continuous casting and many industrial applications.

The phrase relates to the method of manufacturing synthetic graphite. ”Iso” comes from the word isostatic. Isostatic is a term meaning constant pressure or stress on all sides. When a graphite is iso-molded, that means it is cold molded graphite, pressed on all sides. The results of graphite iso-molded is a graphite material that has top-of-the line properties, uniformly distributed throughout the entire material.

Combining that manufacturing style with high density and small particle size, results in very strong and highly engineered material, capable of retaining very fine details. It is resistant to high temperatures in controlled environments, electroconductive and has self-lubricating properties.